The Hill Companies

October, 2017

Paul and Carol Hill Named Regina Humanitarians of the Year by Canadian Red Cross

Paul and Carol Hill  are proud to have been named recipients of the Regina Humanitarian of the Year Award by the Canadian Red Cross for their extensive contributions to community and education initiatives. As leaders of The Hill Companies, the duo have overseen countless community initiatives over the years and will accept the award at the 2017 Power of Humanity Gala in Regina on October 26.  

Paul and Carol have been active on numerous boards related to business, the arts, education and sport. Their true passion is the One Life Makes a Difference charity, which they established to help underprivileged students achieve an education. They founded the Mother Teresa Middle School, which supports youth in Grades 6, 7 and 8, and following and supporting them through high school and post-secondary school, right up to their first job. Through their philanthropic and humanitarian efforts, Paul and Carol have been instrumental in the development of our community, building a strong foundation for positive growth in all areas.


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