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UFP Urban Forest Products

Founded in 2009, UFP Urban Forest Products, LLC is a world-class producer of molded-fiber packaging solutions. Its 'green' manufacturing approach, including the use of biogas, recycled raw materials and a closed-water system, delivers a wide-range of products from egg and fruit packaging to 4-cup drink carriers used at quick-service restaurants. Currently, the company operates out of manufacturing facilities in Brook, Indiana and Clarion, Iowa and holds a 30% market share of egg filler flat production in the United States.

Products manufactured include:

  • EGG FILLER FLATS are available in five different sizes. Natural grey or blue in colour, the flats are packaged in bundles of 140 to fit standard egg cases.
  • EGG CARTONS are available to hold six, twelve or eighteen eggs in all egg sizes from medium to jumbo and are packaged in bundles of 125.
  • FOUR CUP DRINK CARRIERS that are used in the restaurant industry are manufactured from recycled materials; these biodegradable carriers are packaged in bundles of 220.
  • FRUIT TRAYS are available in fifteen different sizes. Blue in colour, these trays are designed to provide maximum protection of fruit and are shipped in pallets of 3,600.
  • UTILITY TRAYS are used to feed chicks and serve as biodegradable greenhouse trays, disposable litter boxes or multipurpose storage trays and are packaged in bundles of 100.


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