The Hill Companies

Corporate Profile

"Start with a foundation of solid values and stay true to the things you believe in."
                                                     -Walter Hamilton Alexander Hill

For 119 years, this relatively simple principle has guided The Hill Companies through dramatic changes in business lines, economic and political cycles. Today, it continues to be the cornerstone of every business and philanthropic decision made by the company and its owners. The Hill family's business history started in 1903 with the sale of land on which the Saskatchewan Legislative Buildings are presently situated. The founding company, McCallum Hill Limited, was created in the same year by Walter H.A. Hill and E.A. McCallum. McCallum Hill Limited specialized in real estate development and insurance. Today, The Hill Companies and its primary operating entity Harvard Developments are headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan.

The Hill Companies are a model of diversity and achievement. Over the years, the 2nd and 3rd generation owners, Frederick W.  and Paul J. Hill, firmly established themselves as leaders in real estate development and in the business community at a national level. In Western Canada, the Hill philosophy and personal style is legendary. The Hill's are one of the largest owners and managers of commercial and retail properties, controlling in excess of 10 million square feet.

The Hill's success has been built on two principles - caring and commitment. They demand it of themselves and of their entire team. It's a down to earth philosophy that continues to give The Hill Companies the competitive edge wherever they do business.

As managers and owners of property, developers of commercial, retail and residential real estate and owners of a variety of companies throughout Western Canada and the United States, new challenges are continually being pursued. The company has successfully diversified into a number of industries over the years.